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The 2014 McKillop Awards

The McKillop Awards are presented annually to non-profit human services employees exemplifying the qualities of the founders of Calgary Family Services Society. David and Ethel McKillop played a crucial and influential role in building and sustaining the human services sector in early Calgary. The McKillop Awards recognize the vital and enduring role of not-for-profit staff throughout Calgary in building a creative, sustainable and ethical response to the varied and often challenging needs of Calgarians.

The winners of the 2014 McKillop Award for Community Services are:

Kevin Capuno

Kevin has made a tremendous impact on the community in Calgary in a short period of time – as a volunteer and as mentor leader. He began this journey volunteering at his high school, Father Lacombe, and became inspired to volunteer in a larger scope, taking on opportunities with Youth Central, the Mayor’s Youth Council and the Distress Centre on Campus at the University of Calgary. With each project, he has demonstrated the exceptional capacity to bring people together and build on the shared commonalities between diverse groups of people.

We look forward to the many ways that Kevin will continue to create a stronger Calgary.

Son Edworthy

Son is a community leader with a deep and practical commitment to inclusivity and building structures of belonging. When Son joined CommunityWise in 2010 as a building manager, they immediately saw the opportunity for a more intentional approach to building management. CommunityWise now supports more than 70 non-profits and grassroots organizations in sharing their resources, skills and ideas – cross-pollinating for the common good.

Son accepts the award on behalf of the CommunityWise staff collective, Philip McCutcheon, Jani Meyers, Erin McFarlane and CommunityWise members, including Calgary Outlink Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Alberta Community and Cooperative Association, Two Wheel View, Calgary Centre for Global Community, Smart Addictions Recovery, Next Up Youth Leadership and the many others leading together to a more just and inclusive society.