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August is Family Fun Month!

With summer in full swing and children spending more time at home, families and caregivers actively seek enjoyable ways to bond and create lasting memories. August is recognized as Family Fun Month, providing the perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of togetherness and emphasize the significance of fostering healthy family dynamics. From the way we communicate with each other to the behaviours we exhibit; these dynamics play a pivotal role in influencing our interactions with others.

As we spend quality time with our families this month, let’s reflect on how these moments of togetherness can benefit collective well-being and strengthen our family foundations.

The Essence of Family Fun Month: Strengthening Bonds

Family Fun Month encourages us to step back from our busy daily routines and prioritize quality time with our loved ones. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to having fun; what matters most is engaging in activities that foster communication, collaboration, laughter, and shared experiences. Togetherness lies at the core of healthy family functioning, where family members bond, communicate effectively, share responsibilities, and find joy in each other’s company. Even things as simple as engaging in play with caregivers or other family members can help contribute to healthy family functioning!

The key to solid family bonds is having healthy relationships and strong connections between caregivers and children. When a family functions well together, children feel secure and seen. These family dynamics provide essential benefits such as improved mental health, strong communication skills, and reduced levels of stress, which can prevent negative experiences in childhood.

How can we use playtime to nurture strong family bonds?

Playtime isn’t just about having fun (although that is a bonus), we can use play as a fun way to for children to learn about communication and cooperation while drawing the family closer together.

At carya, we are deeply committed to incorporating play into everyday life through various programs like Bowmont Families Together (BFT) and Prime Time. Play is critical in child development, attachment, and overall family functioning, as it strengthens the bonds between family members. Strong attachments support open communication between caregivers and children, better sibling relationships, kindness, and more enjoyment out of family time.

  • Free play encourages imagination, problem-solving skills, and physical literacy.
  • Structured play can help children understand boundaries and build social skills such as turn-taking and
  • Play through songs and rhymes can help with routines, new experiences, regulating big feelings, and speech.

BFT and Prime Time not only facilitate healthy family functioning but also encourage connections and relationships with others in the community. “No family or individual is meant to do life alone! Having a community to lean on and celebrate with is essential for fostering healthy family functioning,” says Kaila Burnham, carya Family & Community Facilitator.

This month, we encourage you to be intentional about making time for fun with your loved ones! Whether through games, outdoor activities, or participating in carya program, these shared moments create a sense of belonging that strengthens both families and the community.

Watch the video below to learn one of our BFT team’s favourite lullabies: