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12 Days of carya

12 Days of carya is here; from December 1st through 16th, we will celebrate our supporters who have chosen to invest in carya’s essential services by showcasing their impact on the community.

As a social impact agency in Calgary, carya is dedicated to creating strong families and communities for generations. We’re here for Calgarians of all ages seeking support with mental, physical, emotional, and financial well-being.

One of carya’s primary focus areas is strong families! We aim to help families thrive within the communities we serve by offering programs that support parents, children, and families through community hubs, group meetings, counseling resources, and workshops. Two of these programs are Prime Time and Bowmont Families Together.

Prime Time focuses on supporting families to build connections, strengthen their parenting and relationships and learn more about the early years of childhood. Bowmont Families Together offers free programs where neighbors from Bowness, Montgomery, and Greenwood Village can connect, learn, and play in a welcoming space.

carya relies on the investment of our community partners to carry out our mission, including within our family-focused programs. These programs enrich many lives and provide resources that individuals and families may not otherwise have access to. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our community partners. Their support allows us to provide critical programs and services to families when and where they need us most, including our Prime Time and Bowmont Families Together programs.

We can accomplish so much more through community partnerships than we can alone. Funding alone is not the only thing we are referring to; no amount can reflect the value of our partner’s continued trust and belief in our mission. Only with the community’s ongoing support can carya continue to reach so many individuals and families in the Calgary community.

Our partners are a huge part of why we can provide vital tools like parenting education classes, counseling services, and much more, so thank you for your support! If you would like to join carya in supporting over 40,000 individuals this holiday season, when and where they need us most, please get in touch with tiffanys@caryacalgary.ca to learn more.

Thank you for following along for #12daysofcarya! For more information, please read our most recent blog posts.