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Why I Donate: Theresa Watson

Why I Donate Theresa Watson

One of our committed supporters talks about why she supports carya and why you should, too. Driven, educated and successful, Theresa Watson knows how to do her research. When choosing a tenant for a building she owns in southeast Calgary, she connected with carya and determined that we’d be the perfect fit. Since that first… Read more »

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Our Donors

carya is here.

If you look around this holiday season, you might see our name a little bit more often than you’re used to as you travel through the city. This year we’re coming to you with a simple message – carya is here. Whether you’re a long time client or you’ve never heard of us before, we… Read more »

Little Givers, Give a Lot

At Carya, we appreciate every donation.  Because every donation makes a difference in the lives of those we help.  But sometimes we receive a donation that really touches us.  Like last week when we received an email from Kieran Nordbye who wanted to donate his 10th birthday money to an organization which helps families with… Read more »