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Caring for Your Aging Parents

As a parent ages, it can be difficult for their adult children to see the changes and acknowledge the growing needs their parent may have. Parents are often the backbone of the family unit and it can be unexpected to find yourself suddenly caring for them. It’s a role reversal many are not prepared for…. Read more »

Adoption: A Lifelong Journey


Adoption is a process of give and take. There is incredible joy in the forming of a new family, where new parents can give a child opportunities they might never have had. But alongside that joy comes sorrow and loss. A mother loses the chance to raise her child. A child loses the chance to… Read more »

An Engaged Father is a Game Changer

An engaged father is a game changer

This Father’s Day, consider giving the gift that helps build strong families for generations to come. Fathers come in many shapes and sizes. A dad might be a biological or adoptive parent, a stepparent, a father figure or any other male-identified individual in a child’s life that serves a caregiving role. Whoever they are, they… Read more »

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Carya Does Stampede in Bowmont

Carya Does Stampede in Bowmont

Yahoo! Stampede fever is sweeping Calgary, and we’re excited to get in on the action. While we help individuals and families throughout the city, this year we’ll be getting in to the Stampede spirit in Bowmont, a community we’ve been a part of for many years. We offer a number of programs from our Bowmont… Read more »

Supporting Somali Communities in Calgary

Carya recently launched a new Community Development project with Calgary’s Somali people, a community which came to Canada fleeing civil war in the mid-nineties. Calgary is home to more than 4,500 Somalis, many of whom reside in the communities of Radisson, Killarney, Beltline and Forest Lawn.  39% of Somalis living in Calgary are under the… Read more »

Their Crisis; Our Concern

Stories of the Syrian refugee crisis reach us via television, radio, newspaper and social media every day.  But it’s important to remember that they’re more than just stories; these are real lives and real families who need real help. Carya’s Urgent Family Care team has been providing crisis support to Calgary’s most vulnerable families for… Read more »