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Five Reasons to Spring in to Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning – something everyone looks forward to. Or at least looks forward to finishing. Aside from a clean home, there are numerous benefits to setting time aside to complete the task of spring cleaning. Today, we’ll look at five of those benefits as well as how spring cleaning became something that happens (or should happen) every year.

Back in the past, people kept their houses shut tight during the winter. Homes were heated with coal, oil or wood. Before electricity, candles were used to see at night. This means that over the course of the colder months, homes would see a buildup of soot, oil, dust and scents associated with those heating methods start to form. Walls, ceilings, windows and furniture would all be coated in residue. Spring’s arrival was a welcomed opportunity to make a dingy habitation fresh again. On the first warm, dry day of the season, everybody in the family would pitch in to put all the furniture, clothes and blankets outside. The house would then see sweeping and scrubbing in every corner and the walls and other surfaces washed. Linens would be aired, furniture would have soot and ash removed. Books and paintings would be dusted and other repairs would be done.

We may not have the same issues with soot and residue in our homes today and you probably don’t need to remove all the furniture from your home. However, the spring cleaning tradition continues. It’s a great time to do a deep clean and organization in all our spaces. There are more benefits to this than you might think too. Here are five great reasons to schedule a day or two in the next little while to get your spring cleaning done:

  1. Be happier: Look around your home. Are there things there you don’t need or love anymore? Get rid of them (see below for suggestions on what you can do with some of your unwanted items). By surrounding yourself in things that make you happy, and none of the things that don’t, you’ll feel lighter and refreshed!
  2. Be productive: Many studies show that reducing mess and clutter can make us more productive. It allows us to better focus on the tasks at hand, find things we need and be more organized in our approach to day-to-day activities. For some people, clutter can actually cause negative stress and anxiety, making them less able to effectively complete tasks.
  3. Help others: Just because you may not need things anymore doesn’t mean they can’t still be of use to others. Consider donating your items purged in your spring cleaning to a local organization that will distribute the item to those in need. You can organize your space AND feel good about helping others! Here’s a list of a few places in Calgary that are always looking for gently used items:
    • Walk-In Closet:  They provides personal consultations on professional business attire and accessories, to women facing financial barriers who want to join the workforce, return to school or engage in volunteer opportunities. They look for things like dress pants, suits, outerwear, accessories and shoes.
    • My Best Friends Closet: Did you sping clean your teens room? My Best Friend’s Closet accepts donations of new or very gently worn teen clothing items in ladies sizes XS through plus sizes, including jeans, sweaters, shirts, shoes, accessories and more.
    • Calgary Drop In Centre: Accepting a range of items, including clothing, shoes, winter coats, medical supplies, personal care items, toys, furniture, electronics and household items, the DI will ensure your items are put to good use.
  4. Be safe: Spring cleaning is a good time to ensure that your home is as safe as it can be. Take the time to do a walk through of your home and identify (and fix) any hazards such as loose hand rails, broken locks, unsafe storage of materials or tripping risks. It’s also a great time to change the battery in your smoke detectors, ensure you have fire extinguishers and know how to use them and refresh your family/roommates on what the plan is in case of emergency. Making this a part of your spring cleaning routine will bring you peace of mind.
  5. Feel satisfied: It may seem daunting and it will definitely take time. Make a plan and tackle it in small chunks until it’s complete. You will have a great sense of satisfaction when it is done and better focus on the regular day to day aspects of life. The feeling of accomplishment with put you in a better state of mind!

Make a plan, set some time aside and get spring cleaning! You will be glad you did!