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Coping With Stress Through Crafts

  Crafts and creativity are proven to help ease stress and combat anxiety. Working with your hands and taking time to be creative can boost your mood, keep your brain sharp, and even help alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and stress. We have a couple of our favourite crafts for anxiety below, and these DIY coping tool projects are useful for people of all… Read more »

Tips and Practices for Coping with Stress

mindfulness, journaling, self-care and more strategies for coping with stress It has been an unpredictable year with COVID-19 still impacting our daily lives. We all continue to deal with uncertainty and the fears of temporary change that can drastically affect wellbeing. Emotions are constantly evolving and changing. Many of us are experiencing stress, anxiety, and feelings of uneasiness on a regular basis. Stress is a natural… Read more »

4 Tips for Creating Back To School Routines With Your Kids

School is back, and so is the challenge of helping kids get back into their routine. With students heading into their third schoolyear marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy routines are more important than ever. Whether your mornings or bedtimes get a little hectic, most families benefit from a little extra structure in their day.  Routines at home help kids feel safe and secure, and are… Read more »

6 Surprising Benefits of Volunteering

The impact of the entire non-profit and charitable sector is made possible by thousands of volunteers annually who work generously in service of others. Their goal is to improve lives and make their communities better places to live.   There are clearly a lot of benefits to our community. But did you know there are also lots of great benefits for you, too?    Build Your Community  Our social networks are more important than… Read more »

Five Reasons to Spring in to Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning – something everyone looks forward to. Or at least looks forward to finishing. Aside from a clean home, there are numerous benefits to setting time aside to complete the task of spring cleaning. Today, we’ll look at five of those benefits as well as how spring cleaning became something that happens (or should happen) every year. Back in the past, people kept their houses shut tight during… Read more »

Leap Ahead! 10 ways to make the most of an extra day

Today is Leap Day, a day that comes just once every four years, during Leap Year. Leap Year is a result of the time it takes the Earth to orbit around the sun, which is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds.There’s a bit of slip time that happens (where we lose time), so scientists figured out that some changes would have to be made to the… Read more »