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How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Here at Carya, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to work with some amazing young people. Our Starbright, Starburst and Sirius programs are offered to girls in selected elementary, junior high, and high schools respectively. Grade six boys in designated elementary schools have the chance to be a part of our Odyssey program. Although these are school-based programs, the fun doesn’t stop when the final bell rings in June. In fact, the good times are just getting started when summertime rolls around! The boys and girls in Odyssey, Starburst, Starbright and Sirius made the most of their summer, with plenty of adventures in Calgary and beyond.

How we spent our summer vacation How we spent our summer vacation How we spent our summer vacation How we spent our summer vacationEven though our weather this summer in Alberta was less than ideal, our youth were still able to explore the great outdoors. They worked hard to conquer some challenging hikes, including Grassi Lakes, Big Hill Springs, Prairie Mountain, and Troll Falls. They got in touch with Alberta’s wild west roots on visits to Our Lady Queen of Peace Ranch and Bar U Ranch. They marveled at the unique landscape of the badlands, exploring Horseshoe Canyon and the Rosedale Suspension Bridge. At Sylvan Lake, they rode the slides in the waterpark’s final year. Working together, they bested a corn maze, and practiced patience and concentration as they waited for fish to bite. There is so much to see in do in all corners of our province, and our girls and boys made the most of it!

How we spent our summer vacation How we spent our summer vacationOur Starburst, Starbright and Sirius girls and our Odyssey boys also had lots of fun within the city limits this summer. They swam and relaxed on the beaches of Sikome Lake and checked out the animals at the zoo. They soaked in some history and culture at Heritage Park and the Glenbow Museum. Our Sirius girls even had the opportunity to volunteer at CJSW, the University of Calgary radio station, where they learned how to create podcasts. Many of our kids had the chance to go canoing and paddle boating on the Bowness lagoon. Whether the skies were sunny or grey, there were many good times to be had close to home.

How we spent our summer vacationSummer is a time for laid back fun, and our youth facilitators made sure the kids they work with had lots of it. However, just like during the school year, our leaders saw the Starbright, Starburst, Sirius and Odyssey girls and boys learn and build skills without even realizing it! They developed leadership skills, and learned to persevere when the going got tough. They continued to build bonds and make friends outside their normal social circles. They learned to problem solve and be engaged as they tried and mastered new activities. It was wonderful to see our boys and girls learning so much outside of the classroom walls.

We’re sad to see summer come to an end, but we’re looking forward to another great year of fun, adventure and learning. With your support, we can continue to help kids grow and thrive through our Starburst, Starbright, Sirius, and Odyssey programs. We hope you had a chance to explore our city and province this summer too!