An educational and recreational program that offers grade six boys a place to belong and build healthy relationships.
About the program

Odyssey is a school-based program that engages sixth grade boys during critical after-school hours.

The boys are supported in this learning through mentoring, group activities, and recreational opportunities that they might not otherwise be able to experience.

Participants learn:

  • How to be a leader in their school, family and community
  • How to build healthy relationships with family, peers, teachers and community members
  • How to be self-confident and celebrate their unique self
  • Skills for constructive decision making and healthy life choices
  • How to cope effectively with challenges

Odyssey is part of The City of Calgary’s Afterschool Initiative and is offered in partnership with the Calgary Board of Education in three designated elementary schools in east Calgary. The program is specifically for students ages 10-12 in those schools only.

Want more information?

Contact the Odyssey program supervisor at 403.205.5256.

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