Nurture Yourself

With self-awareness comes clarity, calm and the ability to reclaim control over your life trajectory.

Nurture Yourself is a full-day seminar for women of all ages and stages looking to reclaim control of their thoughts, emotions, actions and the direction of their lives.

Nurture Yourself is particularly relevant to women experiencing:
  • Early stages of mental and emotional health issues such as depression, anxiety and stress
  •  Negative thought processes and behavioural patterns which impact on their ability to function in the home, work or community
  • Challenges which require mental resiliency and life changes to be made
  • Uncontrollable emotional responses

Nurture Yourself is offered in two unique steps.  After completing both seminars, you will have the opportunity to join support groups to continue your journey.

Step 1: Opening minds and nurturing dreams

Rediscover your strengths by learning about the latest brain research and how this impacts personal development and overall well-being. By developing awareness of your inner potential and learning self-regulation techniques, you will be able to evaluate your life and create a better and more fulfilling future.

This program is offered in English, Spanish, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi and Mandarin.

Step 2: Putting dreams into action

This continuation of the program focuses on putting each participant’s vision and goals in to action. Through the exercises conducted, participants will develop skills and strategies to plan their life in a successful way.

This program is offered in English, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi and Mandarin.

Nurture Yourself changes the lives of more than 300 women in Calgary, each year.  Here’s what some of them had to say about it:

“A journey for self-discovery and empowerment”

“A life changing experience that helps you to center yourself and learn how you deal with other people and how you can change your reaction thus actions of each situation”

“Energizing, fantastic, empowering, informative”

“Reassuring, encouraging, hopeful, pleasant, inspiring and full of information, tools and skills to use”

How to get involved:

Find upcoming Nurture Yourself dates below. Or, sign up for our Empowerment Series waiting list, and we’ll let you know when the next group has been scheduled.

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Apr 27

Nurture Yourself (Spanish)

April 27 @ 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
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