Month: August 2015

Fentanyl: A parental approach

So far in 2015, Fentanyl has been responsible for 145 deaths in Alberta; a sharp and concerning rise from the 120 Fentanyl associated deaths reported in the province for the whole of 2014. Fentanyl is cheap, plentiful on the streets and delivers a powerful high but its strength means that younger ‘experimental’ users and those unused to opiates are most at risk from an overdose. The… Read more »

$428 per child: the cost of Back to School

According to a recent survey, the average cost to Canadians to send one child back to school after summer vacation is $428.  Alberta comes in at $431 per child, just above the national average. The cost includes school supplies, clothing, technology and sports equipment.  It doesn’t include the deluge of field trip payments, lunch and bus money which goes hand in hand with the end of… Read more »

Community Kitchens: Where good food makes for good finances.

Demand for emergency food support in Calgary is growing at an alarming rate.  Calgary Food Bank reports a 10% increase in clients year on year.  Social isolation is also on the rise in our city due to immigration, unemployment and an aging population. So, how do we feed our communities physically as well as socially? BowWest Community Resource Centre in the northwest has been running community… Read more »