Month: December 2021

Better Together – Coffee at Village Commons

A warm cup of tea, cider, or coffee has a way of bringing people together in comfort like few other things. The aroma wafting around a corner, the sound of a whistling kettle, the tinkling of a spoon in a mug … all of us have a sensory connection to sharing a cup with our family, friends, and neighbours. That’s why the coffee and tea bar… Read more »

Better Together – How A Community Garden Kept Seniors Connected Through COVID-19

In 2018, carya’s Elder Friendly Communities embarked on a project to connect seniors, address food insecurity, and create a network of inspired and invested gardeners … because we’re better together. Located in the Northwest community of Highland Park, JE Harris House is a subsidized senior’s living complex that is home to 100 older Calgarians. Partnering with Calgary Heritage Housing and Chirp Foods, carya invested in developing a community garden at the residence that would… Read more »