Month: November 2023

UnCharitable x Carya

In honour of #GivingTuesday, Carya has partnered with Canada Helps to provide our incredible community with an opportunity to view a free screening of the documentary UnCharitable from the comfort of your home or office. Led by Dan Pallotta, whose record-breaking TED Talk on the subject of charitable giving has inspired leading philanthropists and changemakers, this documentary exposes the undeniable challenges and transformative opportunities which lay… Read more »

Life is unexpected. Carya is here.

Life is unexpected, and sometimes, it takes a sudden turn that we never saw coming. For some, this may mean grieving the loss of someone they loved. For others, it may be navigating the unexpected obstacles of aging, or the endless stressors of inflation. Even welcoming a new child can lead to unexpected moments of isolation. For Rachel, finding herself isolated and depressed, in a situation… Read more »