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Neglect in a digital era

Around a dining table, a family are about to eat.  They don’t speak to one another, their eyes are fixed on various handheld devices which chirp and vibrate at regular intervals. They consider themselves to be a regular family with a peaceful home. Let’s look a little closer. Chloe is twelve and she’s becoming increasingly dependent on Instagram likes to feel good about herself.  She’s being… Read more »

Got Sleepy Teens?

If your sparky, full of energy kids have suddenly started to drag their feet around the house and are barely able to articulate a sentence before midday, don’t despair, it’s perfectly normal.  In fact the leap into adolescence is accompanied by a re-calibration of something called Circadian Rhythms…which can make said ‘leap’ more like a slow shuffle and a yawn. So, what’s a Circadian Rhythm?  Well,… Read more »

Risky Business: The neuroscience behind teens’ dubious choices

From cautious and careful to reckless and un-restrained; a new disregard for rules, regulation and boundaries means your teenager has truly arrived.  In fact, teenagers have double the risk of dying compared to their pre-teen selves. But why has the child who used to reach for your hand to cross the street become so careless, impulsive and thoughtless when it comes to choices affecting their safety… Read more »

Why Our Girls Need to Lead

Women hold only 15% of leadership positions within Fortune 500 companies and yet they constitute 48% of the Canadian workforce. So why are our girls not raising through the ranks in the same way their male counterparts do? At the end of November, Calgary will welcome the Born 2 Lead youth leadership conference along with the Women in Leadership and Business Conference.  Also hosted in Ontario… Read more »

Tongue Tied or Troubled?

Research suggests that, during the teenage years, language goes a little off-line and vocabulary can shrink from 40,000 words to as little as 8,000 words. So parents could find their children go from being chatty and engaged to silent, repetitive and brief in their responses.  And that’s a perfectly normal part of the development of the teenage brain. But when verbal communication dries up, how do… Read more »

Teenage Rejection: It’s Biologically Scripted.

In the early adolescent years many parents are left hurt and confused by their offspring’s sudden rejection of their love and affection.  Teenagers can appear to go from doting to disliking overnight leading to hurt feelings and conflict. But parents need to realize that this sudden shift in attachment is biologically scripted and should even be cause for celebration as our teens begin to strike out… Read more »

FOMO: Why Social Media Could Be Bad for Your Teen’s Health

A recent survey found that 39% of Canada’s teens sleep with their cellphone.  It seems FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is so prevalent in adolescents that not even sleep is off limits when it comes to staying connected and accessing their social networks. But FOMO is also a serious form of social anxiety which we’re all prone to experiencing.  A recent study from the University of… Read more »