Month: June 2024

Celebrating 35,579 Moments of Connection: Three Years at Village Commons

Since opening our doors on July 5, 2021, Village Commons has been more than just a community hub—it has been a place where 35,579 moments of connection, growth, and belonging have unfolded. Here, community isn’t just a concept, it’s a tangible reality for everyone who walks through our doors. As we get ready to celebrate our third anniversary, we reflect on the 35,579 visits that have… Read more »

Understanding and Combating Elder Abuse: A Positive Path Forward

Elder abuse is an often overlooked issue that affects a significant portion of older adults. According to recent studies, one in six older adults report experiencing some form of elder abuse[i]. This statistic is even more alarming among individuals with dementia, where it is reported that one in every two people living with dementia experience elder abuse[ii]. Despite these concerning numbers, elder abuse is frequently referred… Read more »