Month: August 2022

6 Tips for Dealing with Back-to-School Worries

  Back-to-school is an exciting time, but it can be a difficult one, too. Dealing with new routines, an increase in activities and different social situations can be hard for both kids and parents. These tips can help make back-to-school a joyful time for you and your child. Look After the Basics Nobody copes well when they’re tired or hungry. Anxious children often forget to eat,… Read more »

Donate to carya with SkipTheDepot

carya has been a partner with SkipTheDepot since 2018, making recycling plastic and donating to the community easier than ever. SkipTheDepot is a bottle and can redemption center working to save the time and energy of Calgarians, and giving back to charities who make an impact in our city. Your recyclable bottles and cans will be picked up free of charge from your home or business,… Read more »

Team carya: Patricia’s Story

Building strong families and communities for generations takes time, dedication, and care. carya counsellor Patricia Canales is approaching her twenty-fifth year on staff and brings her dedication, care and expertise to every aspect of her work and each client she connects with. At work, Patricia is a skilled language specific counsellor, mentor, and supervisor. At home, she’s raised three children into adulthood, makes time for sports… Read more »

Helping youth change their world – so they can change ours

(content warning: discusses mental health, including suicidal ideation. If you are in distress please phone 403-266-HELP) carya‘s youth programming reaches hundreds of teens and children each year, providing mental health supports, community resources, and empowerment programs across Calgary. We work hard because we know that access to these resources and prevention are key in setting young people up for success later in their lives. Early intervention… Read more »