Month: September 2015

Strategies for Affair-Proofing Your Relationship

While sites like Friends Reunited, My Space and Facebook have been changing the face if cheating for a decade and a half, the brazen appearance of Ashley Madison in 2001 took online affairs to a whole new level. Suddenly, we weren’t even going to pretend ‘it just sorta happened’. But while the digital realm has become the new home of infidelity, happy ever after can still… Read more »

Alberta Childcare: more than a $15 a day issue

While the campaign trail focusses on the dollar cost of childcare in Canada, early childhood development professionals in Alberta are raising the issues of accessibility and quality of care and how slashing the cost to parents could impact on these areas. Alberta already has the country’s poorest EDI scores – meaning more children are considered under-prepared to start school here than in any other province.  In… Read more »