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carya’s Cutest Volunteers

During the summer months, carya connects seniors living at Francis Klein Centre with energetic, four-legged volunteers. These furry volunteers are tasked with the important job of putting smiles on the residents’ faces! “Puppy Parties” are coordinated by carya to encourage spending time outdoors, connecting with others and building community engagement among seniors. Pet-human interactions are scientifically proven to improve our wellbeing and mental health, and we strive… Read more »

Elder Friendly Communities: Six Word Stories

carya‘s Elder Friendly Communities works in, for and with seniors in community – celebrating and sharing the wisdom and experience that comes with age so that seniors are known and valued. Elder Friendly Communities reaches older adults in Bowness, Montgomery, Ranchlands, Varsity and Acadia with opportunities to connect, share and learn together, offering space to nurture relationships with themselves and others. To celebrate Seniors’ Week 2022,… Read more »

Better Together – How A Community Garden Kept Seniors Connected Through COVID-19

In 2018, carya’s Elder Friendly Communities embarked on a project to connect seniors, address food insecurity, and create a network of inspired and invested gardeners … because we’re better together. Located in the Northwest community of Highland Park, JE Harris House is a subsidized senior’s living complex that is home to 100 older Calgarians. Partnering with Calgary Heritage Housing and Chirp Foods, carya invested in developing a community garden at the residence that would… Read more »

Better Together – Lucy’s Story

Twenty-one months into this global pandemic and we continue to see evidence of something we’ve known at carya for 111 years … we’re better together. For many people, opportunities for social connection through carya have been a lifeline. Like Lucy, who we met last year while she was living alone in the community. She was experiencing sudden isolation due to the pandemic. Her relationships were limited… Read more »